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“We are absolutely thrilled with the results.
Having Jessica on board and benefitting from her sense of scale, fresh ideas, and genuine positivity
made the project fun again. "

After training at two of the most prestigious design firms, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler and Leveson Design, Jessica established her design studio in 2020.

Jessica's approach to interior design is centred around creating timeless, eclectic and functional spaces that reflect the needs and tastes of her clients. She ensures that it is always a collaborative experience with the client and curates their vision to create exceptional spaces. She works on both commercial and residential projects across the UK and abroad, in particular the United States. 


Jessica launched an online shop in 2024 that sells a selection of antiques and vintage pieces sourced from Europe and across the UK. Most of the items have been expertly restored, ensuring their durability for years to come.

She also writes a weekly newsletter on interior products at every price point. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Jessica lives in Barnes, London with her family. 

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